Mailchimp is a bulk email marketing service. It offers many useful features to help you send professional emails to your customer or client lists. Telaco can help you with the setup, integration and continuing usage of your Mailchimp account.

A good email marketing strategy may pay your business dividends.

Set-up of Mailchimp Lists

Telaco can set up your Mailchimp account. Telaco can design the sign-up and registration forms, ensuring consistency with your brand. Mailchimp offer a free usage tier so that you can test your email marketing strategy before committing to a paid plan.

Integration of Mailchimp with your website

Telaco can integrate Mailchimp with your website either via standard sign-up forms, or via tighter integration with your customer or client lists.

For example, you could maintain a list of customers you email on a regular basis with selected offers on a private area of your website. Businesses may wish to make reports and articles available to their business network, hosted on your website, distributed via a private email list.

Training and advice

Telaco can offer you and your staff training on using the Mailchimp system. Telaco can provide advice on analysing your campaign performance, and measuring the results against your website statistics. This training and advice will help you get the best from your email marketing, making sure that it is worth the time and investment.

For more information, you can download our guide: Getting Started with WordPress, Mailchimp, and Social Media.