Entrepreneurial thinking · Business Consulting · Technology Development

We help companies, from startups to established businesses, prototype and develop innovative new services, products and business models.

We can draw on a strong network of consultants and developers to put together a bespoke team for your project.

We have worked with a range of companies from small businesses, mid-sized agencies to larger corporates.


Are you stuck developing an idea? Is your product not growing as fast as you'd like?

We can examine and improve your proposition. Let's look at the market and customer needs - what is going to set you apart from the competition? How does your proposition align with your business strategy? We can help you tighten the definition of what you provide!


Do you have an idea for a new way of doing things? Whether it's a service, or a built product, we can help prototype it. Prototypes are not just for apps, but can help you check your customer service, pricing model, sales script and more.

Why is it good to prototype? You can learn faster, gain insight quicker, and catch problems earlier.

From white-boarding to a minimum viable product, we can help!


When building a business or developing a new idea people often think of the product first, but don't consider what processes would go into supporting that product.

We can help you think through new processes to help determine a business model, or refine and develop your current processes using new technology.

How we deliver

We can deliver websites, app prototypes, and refreshed branding. We can conduct market research, data analysis and customer surveys, delivering actionable reports. We can provide verbal consulting and in-person brainstorming, to help you think through your business challenges.

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